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Terms of Service/Privacy Statement:

Last Updated:  05-17-2018

Please read these Terms of Service carefully before paying for and adding your information to the list on www.Rosco-Rescue.com, operated by "Rosco Rescue".


Your purchase which will add your name and information to the “Rosco Rescue” list showing forth your acceptance and compliance and to be bound with these terms put forth in this disclaimer.  Rosco Rescue only covers the United States of America at this time.

This website offers you the choice of adding your name and information along with descriptions of your pets to our list.  “Rosco Rescue” will send your information to the Sheriff’s office or law equivalent of your county if your county has experienced a catastrophe causing large loss of life.  These situations will be decided at the discretion of “Rosco Rescue” employees.  We do not guarantee that every situation will be reported, nor do we guarantee that every pet will be rescued.  We are solely an outlet to send your information to a source (Sheriff’s department or law equivalent) who can compare names of the deceased or missing in a particular county with the names from the same county on the “Rosco Rescue” list which will up the possibilities of your pets having a fighting chance to survive.



The pet list on “Rosco Rescue” needs to stay as up to date as possible, therefore; the payment and placement of your information on this list will be qualified to stay on this list for one year.  To keep your pets current on the list, you will need to re-enter your information along with payment on the day of and or prior to the one-year anniversary of your current payment.

By adding your name to “Rosco Rescue”, you acknowledge that “Rosco Rescue” is simply a list for pets in the case of a large catastrophe bringing multiple loss of life and missing people in a county.  “Rosco Rescue” simply states that at the discretion of “Rosco Rescue” employees, this list will be released to the county Sherriff or a different county Sherriff or law equivalent that is available.  We do not guarantee desired results by us or you, as the pet owner(s).  We are here hoping to give the pets a higher level of chance to fight for survival that they might not have had without being on this list. 


Limitation of liability

Corporation will be held harmless from any legal action or claim. This will be true to the fullest extent allowed by law. In no way will Corporation be considered financially liable for any claims, and Indemnitor will undertake measures to protect Corporation from any such claim. In the event of a suit of any kind, Indemnitor will be responsible for settling the claim. Should Indemnitor be found unable to defend Corporation in such a suit, Indemnitor will be billed for the full sum of the cost of the suit, including legal fees, expenses, and payments.

In no event shall “Rosco Rescue” be liable for any special direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or any damages whatsoever whether in action of contract, negligence or other tort arising out of or in connection with the use of the service or the contents of the service.  “Rosco Rescue” reserves the right to make additions, deletions, or modifications to the contents on the service at any time without prior notice.

By placing your name on this list, you are consenting to a Sherriff or “pet rescuer” in cooperation with the Sherriff’s office or law equivalent, to enter your premises in search of your pets.  You and/or any relatives or persons associated with your assets will hold no one responsible for any damages incurred on your property due to this entry.

By placing my pet’s name (s) on this list; I am acknowledging that for the survival of my pet, In the event that I am deemed missing or declared deceased, I am releasing ownership of listed pets in hopes that the pet (s) will survive and thrive in a new home. 


Contract in entirety

By placing your name on this list, you are saying that you allow “Rosco Rescue” to give your personal information along with your pet information to your local Sheriff or another Sherriff’s or law equivalent office available and will not hold “Rosco Rescue” liable for any action or inaction occurring due to releasing of this list or not releasing this list based on the sole discretion of “Rosco Rescue” and its employees



This indemnity agreement between Rosco Rescue, hereafter known as "Corporation," and customer hereafter known as "Indemnitor," covers the agreement that Indemnitor shall hold Corporation harmless for any and all damages that may result as a result of placing pets on the Rosco Rescue list.


External link disclaimer

“Rosco Rescue” may contain links to external websites that are not provided or maintained by or in any way affiliated with “Rosco Rescue”.  Please note that “Rosco Rescue” does not guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of any information on these external websites. 


Governing law, venue and attorney's fees

This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal substantive laws of the State of Virginia, which are intended to supersede any choice of laws rules which might require the application of the laws of another jurisdiction. Both parties hereby consent to the jurisdiction of the courts of Virginia, whether federal, state or local, with respect to actions brought to enforce or interpret this Agreement. Venue for all actions shall be in the state of Virginia. The prevailing party in any arbitration, or permitted legal or equitable action, shall be entitled to an award of its reasonable attorneys' fees and costs in enforcing its rights under this agreement.



Rosco Rescue enforces a no refund policy - This includes but is not limited to: mistakes or erroneous information provided by the Subscriber on the order form as submitted after the Subscriber has confirmed the information and acknowledged these terms.  Any chargeback's will incur a $50.00 charge, in addition to the disputed amount, per disputed item and be sent to an attorney for collection, and if not paid, will result in adverse effects on the User's credit report. 


Acknowledgement of this agreement

By placing yours and your pet’s information on Rosco Rescue, and upon the completion of payment, you are giving us your signature and agreeing to all terms stated above.






We receive, collect and store any information you enter on our website or provide us in any other way. We may use software tools to measure and collect session information, including page response times, length of visits to certain pages, page interaction information, and methods used to browse away from the page.


When you conduct a transaction on our website, as part of the process, we collect personal information you give us such as your name, address and email address. Your personal information will be used for the specific reasons stated above only.


We collect such Non-personal and Personal Information for the following purposes:

  1. To provide and operate the Services;

  2. To comply with any applicable laws and regulations.


The website is hosted on a platform where your data may be stored through the data storage, databases and the general applications of the platform. The platform stores your data on secure servers behind a firewall.



We may contact you to notify you regarding your account, to resolve a dispute, to collect fees or monies owed, to send updates about our company, or as otherwise necessary to contact you to enforce our User Agreement, applicable national laws, and any agreement we may have with you. For these purposes we may contact you via email, telephone, text messages, and postal mail.




It's important to note that third-party services, and/or other applications offered through the host website of Rosco Rescue LLC, may place cookies or utilizing other tracking technologies through these services, they may have their own policies regarding how they collect and store information. As these are external services, such practices are not covered by the Rosco Rescue, LLC, Privacy Policy.




By using Rosco Rescue’s services, you consent to our privacy statement/policy.


This statement/policy was last updated on 05/17/2018. The statement/policy replaces all prior privacy statement/policies issued by Rosco Rescue and we reserve the right to modify or revise our policy at any time.


To contact us with questions or if you don’t want us to process your data anymore, please contact us at:


Email: support@RoscoRescue.com

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