• Dawn Copnik

Rescued by Rosco

If I could have seen my life, three and a half years ago today, I would have never recognized it. I was 46 years old, I had both of my parents alive, they were vibrant and always there for me.   I had a big brother who always had my back and was my biggest fan.  Then there was my husband.  Truly a good man who was the most amazing protector, best hug giver, so honest, and loved me more than any other human being ever could on this earth 😊.  I have two sons who were still in high school, never gave us an ounce of trouble.  Terrible Teens?  Not even! I would honestly say every stage of raising those guys was amazing, fulfilling, and fun.  I cherished our life and it was just plain good.

Then came the day... my world got turned upside down.  My mom had a stroke, the worse kind.  I am so blessed she is still with us.  It’s just that our roles have been completely reversed.  I so miss my mom.  My brother, he passed suddenly.  Now my back feels very vulnerable and I'm missing my cheering section.  My dad passed away from cancer.  He was a constant in my life.  Now my “go to” was gone.  This all seemed too much to handle since it happened in the span of a little over a year, but then, a year after that, the real unthinkable happened.

My best friend, my first kiss, my love, my partner, my fun, my life - my husband… was suddenly gone.  Without warning.  I went to bed a wife, when the sun rose, I was a widow.  It’s been over a year, but as I write this paragraph my heart hurts and my eyes are filling up with tears.

Of course, the world didn’t stop spinning and the hands of time continued to move on.    In this life you either sink or swim.  So I've been swimming, but it's been in an ocean of grief and sadness.  Finally, a couple of lifelines have been thrown my way.  One of my son’s finally “caught” the love of his life and now I have the honor of having a precious daughter to call my own.  She’s been a gift, and I couldn’t be more thankful.  What an awesome addition to our sweet family.

My second lifeline?  Our little Rosco!  He’s the “Teddy Bear” puppy that my son gave to his wife for a wedding present.  I love that Rosco boy!! He’s the sweetest and happiest little fellow you’ll ever meet; not a barker nor a whiner, and just absolutely thrilled when we are all together.  I never truly related to “those puppy dog eyes” until now.  One little look from him and your heart can’t help but melt.  Rosco has been such a blessing to me.  I thank God for making dogs and letting them be a sweet part of our lives.  Rosco has been the glue that has helped some of the cracks in my life get put back together.  His sweetness oozes into the nooks and crannies and melds into a filling that takes away some of the emptiness and void.  He makes me laugh and my heart is full of love.  I’m just so thankful for my sweet little buddy.  Life might look very different now, but I am starting to realize… this is a good look too.  I guess you could say, I really was rescued by Rosco.   😊

"I guess you could say, I really was rescued by Rosco."

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