Our Story

In memory of and dedicated to Rosco  our precious little


Hello, my name is Dawn. 


I was babysitting my little “grand dog”.  He is the picture you see when you click on our website.  I am sure you would never have guessed, but his name is Rosco.  I so love that little fellow and just think he is the cutest thing I have ever seen.  He is the inspiration behind this website and Rosco’s List.


One day, I got to thinking about little Rosco and how we were at the house by ourselves.  With so many tragedies and potential natural and man-made disasters, my thoughts went to this little fellow and his well-being. You see, Rosco is an indoor pet and nobody knows he is in the house but a few of us.  What if something happened to our family suddenly? How long would it take for someone to find Rosco and know he was in the house?  I cannot bear the thought of Rosco waiting at home with us never coming home and no one else knowing that he is there.


For some families with lots of connections, that wouldn’t be a problem; but as I have grown older, people who used to be around simply have passed and I am finding that I do not have the close connections I used to. 


In the event of a large-scale disaster, we will send Rosco’s List to the proper authorities in the affected area/s.  The authorities will be able to match up the names of missing or deceased folks in their counties with the name and location of their pets who need to be found and cared for.  Where these pets might have been left alone with no hope, now our little pals will have a lifeline they never had before.


Update:  Since we started putting this website together and working on Rosco’s List, something tragic happened.  Our little Rosco passed suddenly.  Our hearts are sad, broken and have a great hole in them.  That being said, we have decided to push forward in honor of our sweet little fellow and hope to fill this list with names of pets who need that extra support… just in case