Blizzards, Landslides, Forest fires, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Flooding just to name several and of course Man-Made Disasters.  If something happens to you, or they run in fear, what happens to our little friends?

"I would be devastated, thinking my babies were alone and dying."


- Karen Davis


What We Do

If you go missing or worse, we are a lifeline for your pet.

If Emergencies are declared in the USA, we are there! At the time of large scale disasters, with high numbers of missing persons and casualties, and pets that have run away, what will happen to our pets?  If a disaster strikes a county, we will send your name to the appropriate authority in that area.  This will give authorities a chance to match our list of pet owners to deceased and missing folks, and also give authorities the chance to match lost pets back to their owners.  If you’re not coming home tonight, know your pet has a real chance to be found and not left alone.  If your pet has run or been left, and is found, then know there is a real chance for the authorities to find their owners. 

Rosco Rescue follows REAL TIME Emergency/Disaster monitoring.




We want to be that extra lifeline to give our little four-legged gals and fellows a fighting chance to survive.

We are here to answer any questions, you may have!